Why will UCoin keep rising?

From now on we are a free token and this is actually an achievement for us all! You can transfer tokens to exchanges where our token is traded, as well as between user wallets on the Ubis platform.

Let’s try to figure out how UCoin price will change in the near future. We believe the price will continue growing, and we are ready to provide the reasoning for it.

First let’s look at the CoinGecko price chart for the past month:

https://www.coingecko.com/en/coins/universal-coin. Over the last 30 days the coin has grown by more than 22%, which is great!

The price will also be supported by the gradual unlocking of tokens, which limits the inflow of tokens to the market.

The fully-functional Ubis wallet will also help to support the price of the coin, as network effect strengthens the project’s infrastructure, further driving the demand for UCoin upwards!


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