Why Is Price Volatility Good?


Ethereum co-founder Joseph Lublin believes that volatility in cryptocurrency price is not a bad thing. And we totally agree! Here’s why:

Price fluctuation is only natural since it is supply and demand that govern the market;

Any price fluctuations are merely indicators of how much demand and supply change as people start to realize the impact of digital currencies will have on the traditional finance market;

Price drops in high-potential assets caused by increased demand for major cryptocurrencies present an opportunity for investors to enter such assets at a discount.

Violent price volatility was what attracted entrepreneurs, technical experts, auditors and, ultimately, money into the field of cryptocurrencies. Experts believe that in the end, when the market demand for crypto stabilizes, high-potential asset prices will follow suit. If you see a scary red candle on the chart for your favourite coin — don’t panic! This can be a great opportunity for you to buy more!

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