What we offer: Marketplace

One of Ucoin’s main goals is to generate transactions. Our Ecosystem will enable the currency to become a universal payment method. Among the added values, we can find the Marketplace, whose objective is to facilitate commerce with Ucoin payments.

To begin with, let’s understand what a Marketplace is?

The Marketplace is an online store, made up of several sellers (o traders), which offer their products and services, in the same way, that traditional commerce does with products and services in physical stores.

How will it work with Ucoin?

UCI has made and continues to create strategic alliances, to have a range of establishments to which Ucoin will associate and thus offer the customer the ease of using Ucoin as a payment method.

With these alliances, will be generated an international and greater demand for Ucoin. In the meantime, UCI will work to organize and develop the complete Ucoin market, to offer a complete stock of financial products and services. In this way, UCoin will be complete and integrated into the needs of the users.


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