What we offer: Exchangeability

UCoin currency aims to support and contribute to the Universal Financial Access Initiative, including worldwide recognition of consumers who store funds on a digital banking platform and facilitate the easy exchange between currencies.

Ucoin digital banking ecosystem will be secure, digital, and branchless and the bank strategic alliance platform will allow Access to Your Money Anytime, Anywhere and Anyplace, a big difference between other cryptocurrencies that have never had easy access to money or are very difficult to afford.

Our goals point to reality because our digital platform will provide the perfect experience of being accessible, secure and reliable for everyone, helping users in the smartest mix of revolutionary and familiar applications.

Some of the things that we can remark are that thanks to our digital platform and banking alliances the users will be able to move between fiat and cryptocurrency in interchangeable and harmonious ways.

Finally, UCoin differentiator lies in its hybrid approach to combine the cryptocurrency’s benefits with traditional bank assets, because, while the definition of value is certainly changing over time, the platform must be backed by agreeably valuable resources.


Media Attention:

Cristhie Peña

Universal Coin International