What was Utransfer created for?

We have mentioned Utransfer a lot of times already when describing our ecosystem. Today we would like to touch upon the various use cases for it!

Utransfer is a service that lets users enjoy cross-border transfers, payments and sending of money, both fiat and cryptocurrency, instant money transfers. In our ecosystem, it is Utransfer that enables such features as bank card payments, bank transfers, prepaid cards.

Today this platform is running in collaboration with Banco Amazonas. After years in the market, Banco Amazonas has joined skills, knowledge and talents with Utransfer under an alliance to provide a new opportunity to transact, carry out collections, payments and cross-border money transfers. In addition, Utransfer offers a comprehensive solution to connect the fiat and crypto world, allowing its users to manage funds as they choose!

Learn more about it on our website: https://utransfer.io

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