What is Utransfer?

We often talk about the UCoin token and the Ubis wallet, but these are far from the only elements of our ecosystem. Let’s look at its other element — the Utransfer system. Deposit, send and/or receive money from and to wherever you want, faster than a bank transfer and with the lowest rates in the market. В этом вам поможет система Utransfer!

Make your money travel to your family and friends with just one click. Add the money from your cards, debit or credit to your Utransfer balance and send it instantly. Withdrawal your money with multiple options and from the comfort of your home, you can request your digital or physical prepaid card, which we will send to you anywhere at the lowest cost and you can save it in our app for recurring withdrawals.

Fast, safe and reliable. We are hard at work to advance cryptocurrency mass adoption! This is why UCoin is expecting to begin offering cross-border payments and remittances from the US to other countries with a special focus on the Hispanic, Indian, and Asia communities both in Crypto and fiat currencies.
Ucoin promises access to your money anytime and anywhere.



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