What does UCoin Ecosystem consist of?

We often talk about the UCoin token and the Ubis platform, but these are not the only things our project is working on. The UCoin ecosystem encompasses much more than just these two aspects, and today we would like to show you what we mean by that. The UCoin ecosystem includes:

Ubis transactional platform. Ubis platform will allow users to perform different functions, such as storing their funds in the digital platform, sending and receiving currency and ect.

Utransfer money transfer platform. Utransfer will provide our users with multiple advantages such as cross-border exchange, payment and sending of money, both fiduciary and cryptocurrency, Instant money transfers.

Ucustody. UCoin will take and hold deposits of clients’ property for safekeeping and the ability to act in a fiduciary capacity and exercise trust powers. Individual investors can even set up beneficiaries of their custodial accounts to ensure their digital assets are properly dispersed to the proper heirs upon their deaths.

UCoin will allow access to your money anytime and anywhere! Learn more about UCoin on our site


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