UTransfer – Take a tour on some of the features that you can use.

Universal Coin International, LLC, the founder of the digital currency UCoin, invites you to a quick tour of key features for cross border payments and remittances.

UTransfer is a key part of UCoin business ecosystem designed to promote cryptocurrency mass adoption and added value to Ucoin holders. Utransfer follows international security protocols that guarantee the reliability of its operations.

These are some of the outstanding features of Utransfer:

  • Integration to the UCoin business ecosystem.
  • Deposit, send, or receive money from any place, faster than a bank transfer.
  • Lower commission than other payment platforms.
  • Various payment button options.
  • Ease of paying through any computer or mobile device.
  • Easy to use and personalize payments.
  • Accept any credit or debit cards and cryptocurrencies.
  • Receive o send payments to bank accounts.
  • Buy, send or recharge pre-paid cards to family and friends.
  • And much more…

UCoin and UTransfer, providing our crypto users with access to your money anytime and anywhere.

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