• Industry Problem

    UCoin Solution

  • Slow Transactions with high fees Blockchain based platform / low fees
  • Absence of crypto as means of payments Strategic marketplaces alliances for daily life transactions (Merchant processing)
  • Difficulty in cross-border transactions Global Digital Financial & Banking Platform / Cross Border Transactions (No Conversion Fee)
  • Limited financial banking services Global Digital Banking Platform (Full Banking Services / Bank Cards / Money Transfer)
  • Transaction limit Unlimited Transactions
  • Low security 3 fold biometric security / Licensed Digital Custodial Services
  • Lack of compliance procedures in crypto KYC/AML compliance
  • Conversion crypto-fiat / fiat-crypto Trading Ucoin on cryptocurrency exchanges / Bank foreign currency exchange
Industry challenges

Our Solutions

A comprehensive solution to the adoption of cryptocurrency by the masses is needed. Current coins cannot solve their entry barriers issues fully. Ucoin addresses critical barriers to crypto mass adoption bringing utility features that add value to customers and the industry with just a few clicks.

Universal Coin International Inc.

Our Corporation

Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI) is a diversified Fintech company. The main goal of the company is to be the bridge of the financial and technological worlds. For this reason, UCI is committed to the development of a financial ecosystem that includes a digital global banking platform, fiat and digital currency exchange, money transfer platform, as well as, some others blockchain features that will add utility to Ucoin currency for the benefit of users and to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

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Token Offering

The token sale is dated up to 2021 and it has different bonuses according to the quarter of the year that you acquire the Coin token.

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  • Token Symbol UCOIN
  • Tokens Available for UTO: 500M UCOIN
  • Token Price Open to market
  • Soft Cap 25M
  • Hard Cap 50M
  • Token Private Sale Period Jul 2020 - Jun 2021
  • Accepted Currencies USD, BTC, ETH, USDT, TRX
  • UCOIN Currency Activation Date: 30-365 days (after completion of UTO)

Token Allocation

5% Advisors
10% Team
5% Reward Pool
10% Bounty & Promotions
20% Assets Allocation
50% Public Sale

Funds Allocation

10% Operations & Management
10% Marketing & Promotion
10% Technological development & innovation
10% Marketplace development
60% Foundation (Asset-backed coin)

Read Our Documents

Attached please find some reference documents about our digital currency.

White Paper
One pager
Pitch book
Meet The Team

Our team

UCI’s management and development team combine a passion for finance, banking and technology, years of industry experience, invaluable networks and connections, and proven record in start-ups, finance, development, marketing, and compliance. The teams are backed by a proven board of advisors.
Pedro Viera
Operations Management
Sergio Cordero
Investors & Strategic Alliance Development
Jorge Muñoz
Finance and Banking
Ninibeth Banchón
Business Development & Marketing
Maria Zambrano
Operations & Compliance
Claudia Villamar
Project Manager
Michael Robles
Finance & Business Modeling
Juan Velez
IT & Blockchain Development
Jesús Zafra
IT & Blockchain Development
Jesús Zambrano
IT & Blockchain Development
Gabriel Cumbe
Web & Multimedia Management
Cristhie Peña
Business Development
Katherine Escandón
Customer Solutions


German Pugliese
Digital Banking & Financial Services Technology Advisor
Julio Marquez
Capital Market Advisor
Ernesto Kruger
Innovation & Technology Advisor
Juan Lorenzo Martinez
Legal, Auditing, Taxes, and Accounting Advisor
Hector de la Mota
Carlos Ugalde
Exchange and Crypto Advisor
Martin Pirillo
Legal Advisor