Ucoin live update: moving forward with new features and improvements for the project

Regardless of the global Pandemic, Universal Coin International, LLC, continues making progress during 2020 in accordance with its developmental roadmap and in support of its digital currency, UCOIN.

Based on how the market has been behaving, we conclude that cryptocurrencies are not going away. Cryptocurrencies are here to stay and keep growing exponentially. Cryptocurrencies are revolutionizing all aspects of our commercial and financial worlds, such as the US bank acceptance of crypto, Visa and Mastercard crypto cards, and the announcement by the Chinese government of their new crypto coin have generated a high expectation for the crypto market and among crypto users alike.

In accordance with these developments and its commitment to promote cryptocurrencies mass adoption, progressively UCOIN is moving to launch products and services that add value not only to UCOIN but also to the industry in general.

Among these products and services is it worth highlighting, that UCOIN, as an asset-backed cryptocurrency, continues the acquisitions of a gold mine and an oil field worth millions of dollars based on UCOIN’s transactions, as well as the acquisition of art pieces in support of the coin. On the other hand, the Ubis platform, the pathway to Ucoin’s ecosystem is ready for transactions. Ubis Platform allows the acquisition, storage, and safekeeping of Ucoin and other crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether.  Also, provides digital wallets and real-time conversions of UCOIN for bitcoin, ether, and tether during the Pre-Sale of Ucoin currently underway with great bonus offers.

Universal Coin International, the fintech Company behind UCOIN is closing multiples strategic deals and alliances as part of its developmental roadmap. First, their international financial entity license is expected to be announced next month. CD bank International will provide fiat and crypto users with traditional banking services in a digital and global format. Bank cards including credit cards, debit, and pre-paid cards will be offered alongside multi-currency exchange services. Furthermore, regulated digital personal and institutional custody services (UCustody) accessible to industry users will be available without hefty fees.  Second, merchant processing and cross-border payments and money transfers (UTransfer) will be launched very soon. These services will add value and utility to the coin and for crypto users as well.

UCOIN has been accepted and considered by mayor exchanges for IEO campaign and listing. LAToken has already signed with UCOIN. Meanwhile, UCOIN officials continue evaluating other exchanges offers for execution.


Strategic alliances and UCOIN’s own technical developments will continue progressing at a high pace with new announcements that will soon bring added value to the coin and its ecosystem. Check out our website and social media channels in order to keep pace with UCOIN developments.