How does UCoin solve industry problems?

Let’s talk about the reasons why we’ve created UCoin, and the problems it solves for the industry at large. We believe that this information will give you the best view of our project’s strengths:

  •  Industry Problem: Slow Transactions with high fees
    UCoin Solution: Blockchain-based platform, fast, transparent, and with low fees
  • Industry Problem: Absence of crypto as means of payments
    UCoin Solution: Strategic marketplaces alliances for daily life transactions (Merchant processing)
  • Industry Problem: Difficulty in cross-border transactions
    UCoin Solution: Global Digital Financial & Banking Platform. Cross Border Transactions (No Conversion Fee)
  • Industry Problem: Limited financial banking services
    UCoin Solution: Global Digital Banking Platform. UCoin will offer full banking services to the market
  • Industry Problem: Low security
    UCoin Solution: three-fold biometric security, licensed digital custodial services
  • Industry Problem: Lack of compliance procedures in crypto
    UCoin Solution: KYC/AML compliance
  • Industry Problem: Conversion crypto-fiat and fiat-crypto
    UCoin Solution: Trading Ucoin on cryptocurrency exchanges or bank foreign currency exchange
  • As you can see, UCoin transforms the existing financial sector, offering solutions the market so desperately needs.

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