Ucoin International Private PreSale Begins

Universal Coin International has partnered with RocketCube, an agency dedicating to raising capital for blockchain companies, to organize an international private sale of its news newly created digital currency (UCoin), thereby giving select investors the opportunity to purchase UCoin before it is publicly available.

UCoin is a disruptive digital currency that aims to bridge the gap between the expected functional services of financial institutions and the revolutionary inclusive nature of cryptocurrency. UCoin works as a universal digital currency that is backed by a blockchain fueled financial ecosystem. The UCoin platform enables users to execute fiat and crypto transactions effortlessly.

UCoin holders, in turn, benefit from the upside of a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market, as new users come into the UCoin ecosystem and a rapidly expanding Ucoin ecosystem as UCoin leverages its existing business relationships to integrate UCoin into international banking services and products such as deposits & withdrawals, credit & debit cards, crypto to fiat (and vice versa), money transfer, and much more.

Ucoin is poised to become the most efficient tool for payments, person to person transactions, and custodial services in an industry that is forecasted to reach a market capitalization of $4 trillion in 2020.

The UCoin private sale will take place across 8 different countries in Asia, Europe and the Middle East where Institutional Investors and HNWI will have opportunity to purchase large blocks of UCoin before its public sale later this year. After the UCoin public sale, UCoin will be available for purchase on various top 20 digital asset exchanges for Whitelisted investors.

About Universal Coin International, Inc.

Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI) was founded in the Virgin British Islands on an international digital financial inclusion business vision based on three fundamental principles: Agility, Performance, and Growth. UCI is an innovative Fintech company working with blockchain technology to solve some of the most pressing issues of the cryptocurrency industry today, custodial and liquidity. UCI’s digital products and services aim to facilitate mass adoption of crypto on a global scale.

The UCI brand is committed to leaving a global footprint in the cryptocurrency industry and being at the forefront of creating cutting edge technological solutions and advancing blockchain financial security, products, and customer experience. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our products and services but are foremost dedicated to our customers for which our products and services are built.

UCI is a member of the world-recognized Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) which connects Fortune 500 corporations, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts, creating a network of expertise and innovation in the blockchain universe.

Universal Coin International Inc. is thrilled to announce that it’s highly anticipated UCoin currency has begun its presale phase. For more information contact us at ucoincurrency.io or contact us at info@ucoincurrency.io Ucoin, the Future of Money Now.

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