UCoin hires IBC for private sale fundraising

Universal Coin International Inc. is thrilled to announce the hiring of International Blockchain Consultants (IBC) to provide fundraising services for its highly anticipated Ucoin currency pre-sale. Ucoin is available through direct sales and soon will be available in select exchanges around the globe.

Ucoin is a breakthrough digital currency that aims to bridge the gap between financial institution services and the revolutionary inclusive nature of cryptocurrency. Ucoin, as a universal digital currency will be backed by real assets and a one-stop innovative blockchain financial ecosystem that will enable users to perform and execute fiat and crypto transactions accordingly to theirs financial needs. UCoin will enable its holders to benefit from the upside of a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market, while allowing them to preserve increasing value over time. UCI, the issuer of Ucoin, will work directly or through joint ventures on projects outside the walls of the currency to assist it in usage and utility though banking services and products, deposits & withdrawals, credit & debit cards, in a fast , secured, and universal fashion, exchange to fiat and vice versa, money transfer, and much more.

Ucoin will allow access to your money anytime, anywhere, and anyplace. UCoin is poised to become the most efficient tool for payments, person to person transactions, and custodial services to secure your investments in an industry that it is expected to reach a capitalization of $230 billion soon this year with a forecast of $4 trillion for 2020.

Ucoin’s private pre-sale will embark IBC and UCI in an international tour to Singapore, UK, Switzerland, Germany, Hong Kong, and other markets targeting international crypto investors around the globe. Ucoin will present its features, financial ecosystem and how it will support mass adoption of crypto on a global scale.

About Universal Coin International, Inc.

Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI) was founded in the Virgin British Islands on an international digital financial inclusion business vision based on three fundamental principles: Agility, Performance, and Growth. UCI is an innovative Fintech company working with partners and blockchain technology to solve some of the most pressing issues of the cryptocurrency industry today including liquidity and custody. UCI crypto products and services aim to facilitate mass adoption of crypto on a global scope.

The UCI brand is committed to leave a global footprint in the cryptocurrency industry and to be at the forefront of technology, security, product, and customer experience. UCI is dedicated to facilitate block chain usability through their innovative products and services.

UCI is member of the world-recognized Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) which connects Fortune 500 corporations, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts, creating a network of expertise and innovation in the blockchain universe.

About International Blockchain Consulting Limited (IBC).

IBC is among global leading companies in blockchain fundraising including private placement, ICOs, STOs and IEOs, having extensive international experience in fundraising marketing, investor outreach and blockchain project development. IBC has presence in over 30 countries, supporting start-ups, existing companies and institutions executing long term blockchain strategies.

IBC worked on various projects with governments and enterprises. They have developed elegant blockchain solutions and platforms to empower successful businesses into new technology spaces.

IBC is the industry’s most successful agency for blockchain-related private fundraising. With close relationships to many funds, venture capital firms, HNWI and family offices, trusted by thousands of investors.

Universal Coin International Inc. is thrilled to announce that it’s highly anticipated UCoin currency has begun its presale phase. Ucoin is available through direct sales and soon in select exchanges around the globe. For more information contact us at ucoincurrency.io or contact us at innnovation@ucoincurrency.io Ucoin, the Future of Money Now. For more information on IBC please refer to https://ibcgroup.io .

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