UCoin: An asset-backed digital currency

There’s a brand-new generation of digital currency designed to address most barriers to cryptocurrency mass market adoption. UCoin, a universal new generation digital currency backed by a diversified asset portfolio and a one-stop international financial ecosystem designed to address fiat & crypto users daily financial and commerce transactions needs globally.

UCoin is the answer to the problem of dramatic price fluctuations and barriers for the daily use of cryptocurrencies on a global scope which are typical of most cryptocurrencies in the market. UCoin is not only a transfer of value, it is a store of value.

What is UCoin?

UCoin is an ERC20 token backed by real assets to give it an intrinsic value. The purpose of the assets is to increase stability, as the token price is not based solely on supply and demand. UCI’s portfolio will include real estate, gold, and silver, precious metals, crypto ventures, etc., supported by a digital financial ecosystem and social enterprises. The idea is to diversify investments to mitigate the risks involved. As well as providing the coin with a base value, these assets have the potential to generate substantial revenue streams to be reinvested into the assets, with the aim of increasing the value of the token.

UCoin, It’s not only a transfer of value but also a store of value and a potential source of revenue. Universal Coin International, the BVI company behind the coin intended to set apart Ucoin from the rest of the cryptocurrencies out there. Current coins values are simply based on supply and demand being the main reason for their volatility that makes it almost impossible to know which ones to buy. UCoin stability is independent of market fluctuations. That is the reason why is the One Coin to Trust.

The UCoin Token

1. Issued on the Ethereum blockchain under the ERC-20 token standards with extended functionalities and decentralized.

2. Can be used in the UCoin Financial Platform (UBis)

3. Will be available to be traded on multiple exchanges globally. (coming soon)

4. Designed for everyday financial transactions

5. Has fixed supply, auditable (transparency) and transferable

6. UCoin is a store of value and not just a transfer of value

7. Is a token backed by assets that give it a real intrinsic value

8. By re-investing assets, we generate growth and value to address volatility

9. Compatible with Ethereum wallets.

10. Delivers” Access to Your Money Anywhere, Anytime and Anyplace”

Bounty Campaign

We will reward any referred token purchases during the sales campaign with a bounty of 5% which will be awarded in UCoin tokens.

Token Purchases Incentives

We will award token incentives for the number of tokens purchased at any one time.

Incentives percentage will be awarded depending on the number of tokens purchased.

The incentive is per transaction and is not cumulative

Token Distribution

Up to 30 days after the token sale ends.

Corporate Policy

The corporation reserves the right to offer other bonus packages on a case by case basis based on the number of tokens purchased.

Token Purchasing

Steps to get verified and purchase of Ucoins

1. Token purchaser registers an account by proving the required information for KYC.

2. The token purchaser may be required to complete


ID Verification

Documents signing

Provide Token wallet address

Other compliant forms by legal requirement

3. Token Purchasing can be blocked based on profile/country and other compliance requirements.

Please refer to our web page and videos for added information.

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Cristhie Peña

Universal Coin International