UCoin, a new generation of cryptocurrency

UCoin will provide its token holders a diversified digital and international financial service network developed for the crypto market. The ecosystem will provide a one-stop service delivery system that will enable crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.

The ecosystem will be built on strategic financial and commercial alliances giving a universal utility to the coin within and outside of the platform, we aim for mass adoption and to provide you Access to Your Money Anytime, Anywhere and Anyplace.

As a decentralized cryptocurrency, UCoin will have the functionality of a voucher for the payment of products and services from the Ubis ecosystem. The token will provides rights for specific access to the Ubis ecosystem including benefits and discounts. Furthermore, UCoin as a medium of exchange within the whole ecosystem will provide added value to its users not offered for other coins.  UCoin will combine the most reliable blockchain technology with a business financial ecosystem and much more that provide it with unparalleled strength, transparency, and security.


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Cristhie Peña

Universal Coin International