The Ubis Platform grants Access to your money anytime, anywhere.
It is the main source for the issuance, achievement, disclosure, and use of all the services that will involve our ecosystem.

Our goal is for UCoin to have a comfortable global presence and recognition, with active consumers all around the world storing funds on a digital platform, sending and receiving currency anytime, anywhere.

To achieve this, the Ubis Platform allows the buying, selling, storing, and safekeeping of UCoin between users. UCoin holders have preferential fees in the Ubis platform that also offers different multicurrency services, multi-language, and hot digital wallets.
Today, Ubis works with UCoin, Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether cryptocurrencies. Current development includes preparations to accommodate the new Chinese central bank digital currency (DCEP) as well. For safekeeping and security for the users, Ubis include automated KYC/AML for all customers.
Ubis is the pathway to all the services and products being integrated into the UCOIN ecosystem described before. Every day through key strategic alliances and its own development, UCI expands and develops further such ecosystem in response to UCoin commitment to a fully transactional and universal coin. Soon, digital custody (UCustody) services, cross border payments (Utransfer), Bank Cards, and remittances services will be announced. Today, Ubis offers a pathway to secondary market purchases of Ucoin through a partnership with Pro Cash, an affiliated strategic alliance.
What can you do?

The main services that Ubis Platform provide are:

UCoin Wallet

  • Buy UCoin
  • Deposit UCoin
  • Withdraw UCoin
  • Edit withdrawal address
  • Transaction consultations
  • Send UCoin to Utransfer
  • Apply for UCoin Bank Cards
  • Log Consultation

Ether Wallet

  • Buy Ether
  • Deposit Ether
  • Withdraw Ether
  • Edit withdrawal address
  • Transaction consultations
  • Convert Ethers to UCoin
  • Log Consultation

Bitcoin Wallet

  • Buy Bitcoin
  • Deposit Bitcoin
  • Withdraw Bitcoin
  • Edit withdrawal address
  • Transaction consultations
  • Convert Bitcoin to UCoin
  • Log Consultation

Utransfer Transactions

  • Send UCoin to Utransfer
  • Send Money
  • Receive Money
  • Transaction consultations
  • Download Mobile Apps

Digital Custody Services

  • Contract Services
  • Account Creation
  • Sub Account Creation
  • Crypto Custody
  • Download Custody
  • Misc. Transactions

Banking Services

  • CD BANK Services
  • Amazonas Bank Services
  • New Account Creation
  • Savings Accounts
  • Checking Accounts
  • My Transactions