Ubis Platform

Ucoin offers a wide variety of benefits. In a few months, the platform that will turn our token into more than a digital currency will be launched. As a result, all UCoin users will have a lot of services that will help manage the movements inside your digital wallet in the best way possible.

Ubis Business Platform will offer the purchase of our Ucoin in different currencies and fiat and in this way solve the need to have a multi-currency online wallet, which means that in this digital wallet users can store Ucoin, Bitcoins, and Ethereum. Its main function is to benefit people who want to have their Ucoin on the phone or computer. However, this solution creates the opportunity to take advantage of all the benefits that will provide the Ubis Business Ecosystem.

Ubis Business Platform is being built with blockchain technology and uses framework architecture to guarantee a variety of industry-leading functionalities in the palm of your hands.  This will offer users trust, security, and faster access anytime, anywhere.

The platform will be able to link the future different features of the ecosystem, such as the money transfer, the marketplaces and the custody of the currency by the bank which will be able to guard its digital asset, like documents digital contracts, etc.

Currently, Ubis is in its implementation phase.

By now is a multi-currency digital wallet where each client will have an ID with a password.

Meanwhile, be alert to our notifications and we will notify him when we release our Ubis Business Platform.


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