Ubis platform advantages VS Bitcoin-Paypal integration

The announcement of the integration of Bitcoin-Paypal has raised doubts regarding funds management and possibilities of use. PayPal customers will not have private keys to their bitcoins, so all funds will be in full custody by the company. It won´t be possible to transfer funds to another account or withdraw bitcoins to an external wallet.

On the other hand, Ucoin a digital currency with an inclusive international financial vision that allows the transactionality of cryptocurrencies; this has recently integrated PayPal as a way for payment.

Thanks to this integration, users can buy UCoin through Ubisplatform.com with a Paypal payment button whether or not they have a Paypal account. To carry out the transaction, the user must register on the Ubis platform, create an account, complete the KYC, and go to the UCoin purchase option. The platform displays different payment options for Paypal users or with any credit or debit card.

Besides, Ubis Platform not only allows the purchase of Ucoin, but it also offers users a considerable range of services designed for daily life transactions such as a multi-currency digital wallet, agile and fast access to account balances in real-time, integration to the global transactions and platform Utransfer, banking integration, custody of crypto assets and fiat conversion through a virtual prepaid card.

If you haven’t bought UCoin yet, try it now! and get your bonus.

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