Ubis Digital Wallet Feature

We have talked about the Ubis platform in the past, and today we would like to go into more detail about the Ubis wallet and its unique features.

Of course, the basic criteria for any wallet are how safe, reliable, and accessible it is, and Ubis scores high on all three of them — we strive to ensure you have access to your crypto anytime, anywhere. And this is not just about UCoin — the Ubis wallet allows storing and transacting with quite a few coins! Keep reading to find out about our wallet’s features and the list of coins it supports!


Ubis allows buying, selling, storing, and safekeeping of coins between users. UCoin holders have preferential fees on the Ubis platform, which also offers different multi-currency services and hot digital wallets — all in multiple languages. Our wallet works with more than just UCoin — you can also use Bitcoin, Ether, and Tether cryptocurrencies.


Current development includes preparations to accommodate the new Chinese central bank digital currency (DCEP) as well.

Our wallet allows:


  • Buying the aforementioned coins.
  • Depositing the aforementioned coins.
  • Withdrawing the aforementioned coins.
  • Editing the withdrawal address.
  • Converting the aforementioned coins into UCoin.


You will also have access to transaction consultations, while UCoin holders will have the ability to send UCoin to Utransfer or apply for UCoin Bank Cards!


You can start using Ubis now! Follow the link to our website and sign up! https://ucoincurrency.io/ubis


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