Sustainable future for UCoin

We have spoken about how truly global our project’s ambitions are. One of our project’s key goals is to popularize cryptocurrencies, and we are hard at work in striving towards it. In today’s post we would like to shed some light on this aspect.

Universal Coin International founder of the digital currency UCOIN promotes the mass adoption of cryptocurrency promoting cross-border payments and financial inclusion. Studies have shown that only 35% of people in the world know about cryptocurrency. In the USA only 1 in 10 people knows about crypto. Although the crypto population keeps growing and the application of blockchain technology, multiple barriers exist that prevent a faster adoption of the technology and the financial services behind it.

For such a reason, Ucoin has continued developing solutions to artificial barriers that impact the acceleration of mass adoption. UCI has developed its own business platform and digital wallets for safekeeping of crypto funds, internal exchange for the pairing and exchanging of UCoin with Bitcoin, Tether, Tron, USD, Etherum among others.

Most importantly, the Utransfer platform will soon be supported by Amazonas Bank in Ecuador for the Bank operations and services digitalization that will reach millions of unbanked individuals in the country. Through its partnerships with Amazonas Bank and VISA, UCI and the bank are focusing on securing virtual credit cards to millions of individuals with no credit or affected credit due to the negative effect of the Pandemics on millions of families. This approach will allow for fiat and crypto transactions to be available to a financially underserved population.

Stay in touch for more detailed information on this crypto development directed to promote mass adoption of crypto.

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