UCoin Year in review 2020

To fully grasp how much we have grown this year, here is our recap of 2020 year:

May peace, joy, and happiness be yours this holiday season and throughout the New Year. Thank you for your support as we celebrate the end of  2020 and look forward to a healthy 2021.

This year, Universal Coin International and its digital currency, UCOIN, introduced new financial instruments and brought more value to our users with the Ubis and Utransfer Platforms. We began the integration of the platforms with Amazonas Bank. Continue working on the Ucustody platform, International Financial Entity, Urewards, and the launching plans for UCOIN to hit the exchanges aggressively in 2021.

  • Acquisition of assets with Ucoin in the field of oil, art, and gold mines.
  • UCoin announced Paypal integration which offers more payment methods accepted on Ubis Platform with any debit or credit card.
  • Ucoin first global exchange listing, Stex based in Estonia.
  • Work began for La Token Exchange IEO and Listing campaigns in the first quarter of 2021.
  • Multiple strategic alliances were reached to make UCoin a daily transaction digital currency.
  • Launched our private sale events.
  • And much more…

Looking ahead to 2021

UCoin will continue working on…

  • Building more features into our products and services.
  • Simplifying the user experience on our platforms and apps.
  • Launching of an  international money transfer platform UTransfer.
  • Adding more payment methods on Ubis and UTransfer Platforms.
  • Working with multiple partnerships around the world to push for faster and mass adoption of UCoin.
  • Creating more ways to further the utility of crypto for the masses.
  • Bank cards integration.
  • Merchant modules integrations and launches.
  • Launching and listings of UCOIN in global exchanges.
  • Launching our digital banking platform.

We look forward to continue providing to UCOIN users with added value and contribute to the mass adoption of digital currency on a global scope.

Best wishes to all.


Ucoin Team