Procash is now accepting cryptocurrency payments!

The company Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI), founder of the digital currency Ucoin, has formalized an alliance with Amazonas Bank and Procash Company for the purchase of pre-owned and new cars with cryptocurrencies in Ecuador. Transactions will be made in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Ucoin through the Ubis platform for crypto purchases.

There is an inventory of more than 400 cars ready-to-sell, the Procash company reported. A media campaign will be formalized to promote crypto as a payment option in the industry.

Amazonas Bank is a 46-year-old bank in Ecuador currently being digitized and integrating blockchain technology in its products and services. Amazonas Bank is an integral part of the UCoin currency ecosystem and will provide financing to this car market for those who need it.

Ucoin was designed to facilitate daily crypto and digital transactions thanks to its regulated digital custody platforms, its Ubis platform for the purchase, sale, and storage of coins in digital wallets, and it’s Utransfer payment and remittance platform. An entire ecosystem created to promote the maximum adoption of cryptocurrencies and fiat and crypto financial inclusion.

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