Our Platform is on its way

As we have been announcing, we are working on the development of our own platform, the one that will be working with our UCoin token and all the benefits of our business ecosystem.

Ubis platform — The gateway to UCoin business ecosystem

It is built with different features that complement each other to work together, giving crypto/fiat users the ability to execute their daily commercial and banking transactions, according to their needs and thus achieve access to their money anytime, anywhere.

The main services that Ubis Platform will provide are:

  • UCoin Wallet
  • Ether Wallet
  • Bitcoin Wallet
  • Utransfer Transactions
  • Digital Custody Services
  • Banking Services

In our first phase, we will begin with our UCoin wallet, to provide all our token holders a place to keep in check their balance, also we will be adding new features in the next stages to become a much more functional platform.

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Great Things are coming to achieve our goal and give you all “Access to your money anytime, anywhere.