Latin American Crypto market

Latin America is a developing region. Some 5-9% of all crypto transactions in the world happen there, but for locals, crypto means much more than it does for westerners.

We are actively working in the Latin American region, and in 2021 we have already made a number of important moves to promote UCoin in that part of the world!

For example, we are developing Utransfer there: the service is designed to enable local citizens to enjoy the cryptocurrency conversion service to fiduciary currencies through settlements in dollars both in banks in Ecuador with its main ally Amazonas Bank and other international allied banks.

Ucoin has formalized an alliance with Amazonas Bank and Procash Company for the purchase of pre-owned and new cars with cryptocurrencies in Ecuador. Transactions will be made in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, and Ucoin through the Ubis platform for crypto purchases!

We are striving towards making cryptocurrency help both regular people and businesses save their value from hyperinflation, and migrant workers can send money home for low fees, as opposed to extortionate rates offered by traditional money transfer services.

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