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UCoin, a universal digital currency backed

by a one-stop innovative financial ecosystem blockchain based

that will enable users to perform and execute fiat and crypto transactions

accordingly to financial needs.

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UCoin Currency

Ucoin is an innovative and new generation of universal cryptocurrency created on the prestigious decentralized Ethereum platform that is destined to revolutionize the market. Ucoin provides its token holders a diversified digital and international financial and service network developed for the crypto market. The ecosystem provides a one-stop service delivery system that enables crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.  The ecosystem is being built on strategic financial and commercial alliances giving a universal utility to the coin within and outside of the platform. 

Our Ecosystem

In repurposing some of the useful parts of banking – namely, facilitating immediate, fluid, and trustworthy exchange, offering flexible payment options for efficient and convenient purchasing power in the real world, holding accounts and transferring funds between accounts, and so on – UCI aims to bridge the gap between the expected, functional services of financial institutions, and the revolutionary inclusive nature of cryptocurrency. The initial phase of our development is focusing on UCoin a universal borderless digital currency for usage on the following financial and commerce ecosystem through estrategic alliances.

The ecosystem provides a one-stop ecosystem that enables crypto/fiat users to perform and execute daily life transactions according to their financial and service needs.  The ecosystem is being built on strategic financial and commercial alliances giving a universal and added utility to the Ucoin coin.

UCoin's Features

Our Corporation

Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI), is a diversified financial services company at the technological and innovative forefront of digital currency through the issuance of global digital coins and their respective financial and commerce ecosystems.

UCI aims to bridge the worlds of Finance and Technology by working on a digital banking platform, a fiat and digital currency exchange, money transfer and an assets trust, therefore, adding usage and utility to UCoin and other currencies for the betterment of consumers.

UCI is committed to the development of a financial ecosystem-oriented towards the removal of cryptocurrency entry barriers and securing customer use of cryptocurrencies for everyday life transactions.

EEA Member

UCOIN is a digital currency issued by Universal Coin International, Inc. The UCOIN currency is based on the Ethereum platform and blockchain, currently the most reliable blockchain in existence that is supported by the Ethereum Foundation, based in Zug, Switzerland. UCOIN currency is registered in the Ethereum Naming Service. UCI is also a member of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (“EEA”), which connects Fortune 500 enterprises, startups, academics, and technology vendors with Ethereum subject matter experts in an ecosystem whose purpose is to advance the platform, its blockchain technology and developing applications and uses on the platform. 


Ucoin's Circulation

  • Friends, Family & Networking
  • Classic UTO, Accredited Investors in the USA
  • Third Party Exchanges 2019
  • Web Retail
  • Wholesale placement worldwide
  • Own Multicurrency Wallet
  • Own Exchange
  • CryptoBank: FIAT/Cryptocurrencies
  • Others

Utility Token Offering

Initial Offer Funds Distribution

UCOIN is here to be a Global Cryptocurrency. Our UTO will be developed through worldwide sales.


Marketing and Promotions




Operations and Management


Technological Development & innovation


The following Roadmap information provided below is non-binding shared for information purposes only and offered to provide an overview of the UCOIN platform present and future developments. We are committed to maintaining the Roadmap up to date and accurate to keep you informed of the project execution.



ICO 자금 지원 라운드 1

2018년 8월 1일-2018년 8월 31일

친구, 가족 및 네트워킹 자금 지원 라운드

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Ucoin 사전출시

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Ucoin 신뢰

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다중화폐 지갑

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(English) Q4

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민간 투자 및 도매 자금 조달

2018년 10월 15일

(English) Q2

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(English) Q3

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(English) Q4

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UCoin management and governance team is made up of highly experienced and qualified professionals from multiple fields in banking, entrepreneurship, finance, start-ups, economic planning, marketing, and digital marketing sectors. The team is supported by experienced and proven financial, legal, and investment field-competent C-level executives with extensive experience in corporate development operations and governance. This team brings proven experience in working with regulatory banking and monetary authorities, services, and policies. In addition, the team possesses proven experience in accountability, auditing, and compliance.


Our advisory board provides direction and guidance in fulfilling our vision through their extensive experience and expertise in related fields and through securing fiduciary compliance for our products and services.


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