Introducing Our Business Ecosystem

In the last years the digital financial market has had some problems, starting from ​​the lack of cryptocurrency knowledge and the lack of acceptance of these as a payment method, however the most common problems are the difficulties with the conversion of cryptocurrencies to fiat, absence of security in the exchange activities, price volatility, lack of transparency and inability to use a cryptocurrency as a form of interchangeable payment with each other or tokenization of any financial asset in the blockchain.

The solutions that our “Ucoin Business Ecosystem (Ubis)” are working at, will provide strength to the cryptocurrency with the purpose of being able to integrate Ucoin in the daily and cross-border transactions. Another value is the easy access to your money anytime, anywhere and anyplace you want. We’ll apply in our system an easy way to buy and sell Ucoin with just a few clicks. We’ll implement prepaid bank cards that will allow an instant conversion to fiat currency. All this will be secure thanks to our state-of-the-art international digital banking platform.

Ucoin is designed to be a long-term digital currency to address the holder’s basic needs and daily transactions. The (Ubis) ecosystem is being built on strategic financial and commercial alliances, giving an extra value to the token.

Based on the Ethereum blockchain technology and with strategic contracts, Ucoin offers a diversified digital and global services for daily life transactions, adding a different value that no other token has offered

Ucoin access to your money anytime, anywhere and anyplace.



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