Hold or sell?

Another batch of tokens is about to be unlocked, and every token holder is bound to have a question in their mind: hold or sell? Let’s talk about what trading strategies are there and which one should you choose?

We have to admit: there is no single correct answer to the “hold or sell’’ question. It depends. To answer this question you have to figure out what kind of investor you are: long-term or short-term. In the long term, any new project’s asset has the potential to bring a lot of profit, but the decision is yours. Your money must work and bring you more profit, and investing your money in the right project is the first step to that goal. Sometimes it’s better to cash your investment in:

You don’t believe the asset has upside potential.
You found a better opportunity.
You want to restructure your investment portfolio.
You need cash.

Remember, before making any decision, always think it through, weigh all the pros and cons. It’s important to be content with your profitability!

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