27May 2019

(English) Universal Coin International Inc. is thrilled to announce the hiring of International Blockchain Consultants (IBC) to provide fundraising services for its highly anticipated Ucoin currency pre-sale. Ucoin is available through direct sales and soon will be available in select exchanges around the globe.

15May 2019

(English) Universal Coin International has partnered with RocketCube, an agency dedicating to raising capital for blockchain companies, to organize an international private sale of its news newly created digital currency (UCoin), thereby giving select investors the opportunity to purchase UCoin before it is publicly available.

21Mar 2019

There’s a brand-new generation of digital currency designed to address most barriers to cryptocurrency mass market adoption. UCoin, a universal new generation digital currency backed by a diversified asset portfolio and a one-stop international financial ecosystem designed to address fiat & crypto users daily financial and commerce transactions needs globally.