Ecuador prepares for adopting a cryptocurrency?

After El Salvador’s decision to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender, this idea has been getting some traction all over the world: multiple countries seem to be discussing this possibility for themselves. For example, in Brazil, a federal lawmaker has recently proposed adopting Bitcoin in the country. Ecuador has also been looking into the possibility of adopting this cryptocurrency in the country, which is supported by the strategic alliance between Amazonas Bank and UCI to promote the mass adoption of UCoin and Utransfer Platform for payments and remittances!

Latin American countries are getting increasingly interested in using cryptocurrencies! This is a great sign for us since we are working towards making crypto as widely adopted as possible. The fact that three Latin American nations appear in the latest report from the cryptocurrency analysis company Chainalysis, related to the global adoption of these assets in 2021 is sure great news!

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Ninibeth Banchón