Cryptocurrency Market News Digest 08.03.2021–14.03.2021

We’re continuing our tradition: every week UCoin will be publishing a short weekly cryptocurrency market news digest for you to stay informed on the latest trends. In this edition we look at what happened 08 through 14 March.

Bitcoin has broken through yet another ATH of $61 700. As usual, the rest of the cryptomarket follows suit. For example, Ethereum almost reached $2000. Other top coins have also seen increased trading volume.

Ethereum miners are still against the EIP-1559 proposal. They plan to move their hashpower to the Ethermine mining pool on the 1st of April. Miners are looking to amass 51% of hashpower in one place for 51 hours as a show of force.

Demand for DeFi protocols continues growing. In particular, loan services are the hottest thing right now.

Cryptocurrency fund Nickel Digital has polled institutions holding BTC, and found that more than 85% of them are looking to increase their holdings over the next two years. Infrastructure development is cited as an important factor in institutional interest in the field.

Of course, there was more news last week, so if we missed an important story, feel free to let us know in the comments, and we will be happy to discuss it with you!

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