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What is UCoin

We’ve built a Token with features like no other in the market.

UCoin is an ERC20 utility token created to work in an ecosystem of business applications to have global circulation and address holder’s basic daily real-life transaction needs. UCoin currency is being launched with the pure vision of being available, usable, and valuable to everyone. UCoin is issued with the support of a global financial services platform focused on the needs and trust of the public and ensured by the very technology it’s built on – blockchain.

Universal Coin International Inc.

Our Corporation

Universal Coin International, Inc. (UCI) is a diversified Fintech company. The main goal of the company is to be the bridge of the financial and technological worlds. For this reason, UCI is committed to the development of a financial ecosystem that includes a digital global banking platform, fiat and digital currency exchange, money transfer platform, as well as, some others blockchain features that will add utility to Ucoin currency for the benefit of users and to promote the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies.

  • Industry Problem

    UCoin Solution

  • Slow Transactions with high fees Blockchain based platform / low fees
  • Absence of crypto as means of payments Strategic marketplaces alliances for daily life transactions (Merchant processing)
  • Difficulty in cross-border transactions Global Digital Financial & Banking Platform / Cross Border Transactions (No Conversion Fee)
  • Limited financial banking services Global Digital Banking Platform (Full Banking Services / Bank Cards / Money Transfer)
  • Transaction limit Unlimited Transactions
  • Low security 3 fold biometric security / Licensed Digital Custodial Services
  • Lack of compliance procedures in crypto KYC/AML compliance
  • Conversion crypto-fiat / fiat-crypto Trading Ucoin on cryptocurrency exchanges / Bank foreign currency exchange
Industry challenges

Our Solutions

A comprehensive solution to the adoption of cryptocurrency by the masses is needed. Current coins cannot solve their entry barriers issues fully. Ucoin addresses critical barriers to crypto mass adoption bringing utility features that add value to customers and the industry with just a few clicks.

Why choose UCOIN?

Our Features

Some of the main components to be available to Ucoin’s holders are:

Ubis Transactional Platform

Multi-level financial ecosystem

International Financial Entity

Fiat-Crypto’s global bank services.

Merchant Processing

A way to use UCoin as a payment method (Marketplace).

Money Transfer (Utransfer)

Keeping cross-border payments fees low, speeds high and easy access.

Custody – Vault (Ucustody)

Secured and licensed digital custodial services for cryptocurrencies.

The Life Foundation 501 (c) 3

A Global Legacy, Innovation and Inclusion Foundation.

Loyalty Program (UReward)

Access to your money anytime, anywhere and get rewarded.


Assets tokenization (real estate, oil fields, gold mine, movies, etc.)

The Gateway to UCoin Business Ecosystem

Ubis Platform

Our goal is to make Ucoin your everyday transactional digital currency, Ubis platform will allow users to perform different functions, such as storing their funds in the digital platform, sending and receiving currency, and most importantly, will allow access to your money anytime and anywhere.

Ucoin Shop
Buy, sell, store and safe-keep your tokens

Ubis facilitates the purchasing and conversions of UCoin to BTC, ETH, TETHER and USD while connecting you to a full transactional ecosystem.

Digital Wallet
Secure, Reliable, Accessible

All transactions are registered on the Ethereum blockchain guaranteeing security,  transparency and accountability.

KYC/AML Compliance
We work hard to keep it safe and compliant

Provide regulatory compliance, protect our clients, and make customer onboarding as friendly as possible.

Access to your money anytime, anywhere


Our business ecosystem will provide our users with multiple advantages such as cross-border exchange, payment and sending of money, both fiduciary and cryptocurrency, Instant money transfers, allowing access to your money anytime, anywhere.

  • Deposit, send and/or receive money from and to wherever you want, faster than a bank transfer and with the lowest rates in the market.
  • Withdraw your money with multiple options and from the comfort of your home, you can request your digital or physical prepaid card, which we will send to you anywhere at the lowest cost and you can save it in our app for recurring withdrawals.
  • Make your money travel to your family and friends with just one click. Add the money from your cards, debit or credit to your Utransfer balance and send it instantly.
  • Fast, safe and reliable. We have a specialized team that complies with international security protocols that guarantee the reliability of our operations.
A world-class custodial service

Custody – Vault (Ucustody)

Responding to one of the crypto industry’s most pressing needs, Highly secured custodial services for cryptocurrencies using cold storage.

UCoin will offer direct access to a reliable and regulated digital custodial service, using the best security technology available and upgradeable. UCoin will take and hold deposits of clients’ property for safekeeping and the ability to act in a fiduciary capacity and exercise trust powers. These are key roles that only regulated financial institutions are granted the authority to administer for the public. Individual investors can even set up beneficiaries of their custodial accounts to ensure their digital assets are properly dispersed to the proper heirs upon their deaths.

We are on Pre-Sale

Token Offering

The token sale is dated up to 2021 and it has different bonuses according to the quarter of the year that you acquire the Coin token.

Q3 2020


7% Bonus

Q4 2020


6% Bonus
Q1 2021


5% Bonus
Q2 2021


3% Bonus

*The company reserves the right for special bonus and promotions on a case by case basis.

Join Our
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  • Token Symbol UCOIN
  • Tokens Available for UTO: 500M UCOIN
  • Token Price $1 USD
  • Soft Cap 25M
  • Hard Cap 50M
  • Token Sale Period Jul 2020 - Jun 2021
  • Accepted Currencies USD, BTC, ETH, TETHER
  • UCOIN Currency Activation Date: 30-365 days (after completion of UTO)

Token Allocation

5% Advisors
10% Team
5% Reward Pool
10% Bounty & Promotions
20% Assets Allocation
50% Public Sale

Funds Allocation

10% Operations & Management
10% Marketing & Promotion
10% Technological development & innovation
10% Marketplace development
60% Foundation (Asset-backed coin)

Read Our Documents

Attached please find some reference documents about our digital currency.

White Paper
One pager
Pitch book

Road Map

We are committed to maintaining the Road map up to date and accurate to keep you informed of the project execution.

2017 Q3
  • UCI Incorporated and UCOIN Development
  • UCI Registration No. 19590993, BVI.
  • UCoin ERC-20 Token Creation (Ethereum Platform)
2017 Q4
The Beginning
  • UCI Planning and Development
  • UCI Incubator Office Organized
  • UCOIN Mined
2018 Q1
The Beginning
  • UCoin Financial and Commerce Ecosystem
  • Bank Application (Fiat/Crypto)
2018 Q2
  • UCoin Marketing Package and Material
  • UCoin Digital Marketing Plan
2018 Q3
Dev Planning
  • Business Platform (UBis) Planning
  • Ecosystem Planning and Development
2018 Q4
  • Vault and Custodial Services Alliance
2019 Q1
Planning & Development
  • UCoin Community Development Plan
  • Multi-Currency E-Wallet Planning
2019 Q2
  • UCOIN Blockchain Platform Developments
2019 Q3
  • Sales and Marketing Research/Contracts
  • Digital Marketing Implementation
  • Social Media Campaign
2019 Q4
  • Exchanges Contracts Developments
  • UCOIN Ecosystem Alliances
  • Advisors Recruitment, Bank Alliances, Credit Cards Alliances, Others
2020 Q1
International Financial Entity
  • Bank Tax Decree Application
  • Licensed Digital Custody Agreements
  • UCoin Merchant Processing Alliances
2020 Q2
  • IFE. Implementation
  • IFE Digital Platform In Process
2020 Q3
  • Money Transfer
  • Digital Custody Platform
  • Ubis Platform
  • Bank Cards
  • IEO Campaign
  • Tokenization
2020 Q4
To infinity and beyond
  • Tokenization
  • IEO
  • IFE Implementation Continues
  • Strategic Alliances Continues
Meet The Team

Our team

UCI’s management and development team combine a passion for finance, banking and technology, years of industry experience, invaluable networks and connections, and proven record in start-ups, finance, development, marketing, and compliance. The teams are backed by a proven board of advisors.
Pedro Viera
Operations Management

Sergio Cordero
Investors & Strategic Alliance Development

Jorge Muñoz
Finance and Banking

Charles Seminario
Strategic Business Development

Cristhie Peña
Business Development

Katherine Escandón
Customer Solutions

Gabriel Cumbe
Web & Multimedia Management

Juan Velez
IT & Blockchain Development

Jesús Zambrano
IT & Blockchain Development

Jesús Zafra
IT & Blockchain Development


German Pugliese
Digital Banking & Financial Services Technology Advisor

Julio Marquez
Capital Market Advisor

Alberto William Dahik
Economic Advisor

Ernesto Kruger
Innovation & Technology Advisor

Juan Lorenzo Martinez
Legal, Auditing, Taxes, and Accounting Advisor

Carlos Ugalde
Exchange and Crypto Advisor

Shauna Mei Devand
Crypto Advisor

Martin Pirillo
Legal Advisor

Supported By

Strategic Alliances


Frequently asked questions

Below we’ve provided a bit of UCoin Token, Support, and few others. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact form below or read our documents

We are excited to welcome you to Ucoin’s Ubis Platform your pathway to buy Ucoin. Please refer to the Ubis video located in the Ubis section

To learn more please go to our documents and get an extended view of UCoin.

For customer support or user feedback, contact us at info@ucoincurrency.io

We are glad to hear from you via our social media channels. For faster response, please use our Contact Us form. We strongly suggest not to share any personal/account-related information in public access.

Unfortunately, our services are not available for US citizens, except for accredited investors.

UBis Platform gives you access to a wide spectrum of benefits in our ecosystem, here you can buy, store and trade UCoin.

There are four quarters of financing rounds, you are welcome to join our Private Sale at any time. Keep in mind the sooner you participate, the better is the price per token you will get.

Yes, UCoin currency reserves the right to negotiate special deals and discounts for individuals and/or brokers purchasing larger token amounts

We currently accept Bitcoin (BTC), Ether (ETH) and USD.


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